Hello and welcome to Just Spice @ Geelong!

Just spice Geelong is a grocery store located in the heart of Geelong city. Our store is home for a wide variety of groceries from many different countries. Our supermarket is well organized, focusing on customer’s convenience. We offer an ‘incredible range’ of groceries which includes, rice, dairy, snacks, frozen items, fresh produce and loads more. Whilst providing our customers the best service, we want to build a long term relationship with our valued customers.

Our responsibility

Heritage and culture are very closely linked to culinary traditions. It is our responsibility to educate our customers about the rich cultures, through ingredients needed for traditional cooking. Our success will only translate to serving our customers better. Being part of the Geelong community, we believe in giving back to the society by helping others succeed in their respective venture.

Please continue to visit our website and store for an incredible shopping experience!